Grand Knight Reviews 2017

Welcome to all of our brothers and guests tonight , as the year comes to an end, and we look back it’s hard to believe it’s already been a year but on the other hand it hard to believe how much we have accomplished .

When I agreed to become the grand knight I was told it’s no big deal, you will have much support from the much more experienced leaders that went before you . I need to thanks all the member here and some that are not here for doing just that . as being a fairly new member myself I had not gathered many of the things that the experienced people here had. My brothers were there all the time to offer help and it truly made my job easy. It’s a bit like building a great sports team , we are not all goal scorers or fast runners but together we are a powerful team. We did budgets, audits , planning countless projects activities.


The knights are well known for our breakfast and sundae Sundays, we tend many bars for weddings and fundraisers, we repair the church .We were able to assist when a fellow knight had a ceiling issue at their house . Many hours were put towards our keeping Christ in Christmas displays , benefitting the Blackstrap camp making it a very neat and safe place for kids to have an enjoyable camping experience.

Its not all work though we have a lot of fun also, when you can work together at a wedding or cleaning up at the camp ,delivering food hampers you get to meet many people you may not run into otherwise . I have meet old acquaintances from the past , people from all over Canada that come to celebrate weddings here , it gives the knights pride to showcase our facility .

I would like to thank the executive:

  • Chaplin - Fr. David
  • Financial Secretary - Garry
  • Recorder - John
  • Treasurer - Francis
  • Deputy - Roland
  • Advocate - Wayne
  • Chancellor - Louis
  • Warden - Merv
  • Lector - Reb
  • Guards - Bob and Rylan
  • Trustees - Gil, Darren and John
  • Our insurance representative Blair, your service was much appreciated. 

Thanks for your service, and for those continuing on, welcome back.  Having some turnover is a great way to pass the torch on to a few new members and I would like to thank the new people stepping into their new roles, people like Rick Brown as Guard, Blair Ostertag as recorder, Diego our treasurer.  Don and Rylan will be assisting Louis with the communication duties.


We have many hard working, heavy lifting people out there. When work needs to be done we can count on Lawrence, Joe, Dick, Murray, Pat, Rick, Ron. Andy, Merv, Bob, and Shawn. There is a big danger in listing names and forgetting some. I cannot forget the long time contributions of Jack Bennette and Bill Reiter.

This year we also remember all the members who have passed away, it was a year of great loss and we wish our brothers eternal rest and there rewards in heaven.

We need to thank the women that assist us and allow us the time for our activities the help and understanding is appreciated.

There are great numbers of hours worked and money donated to many groups, individuals and causes. The list for requests surprised me and we would spend millions if we had it, I’m sure. We have attempted to calculate the hours we contribute, all I can say it’s in the thousands, and over one hundred thousand dollars distributed through the celebrity dinner and our council. We try to balance between the church and the many groups in our community , and I we do a heck of a job.

I’m pleased to announce the knight and family of the year: Lawrence, the reluctant winner, has put in 38 years of service, and he is too humble to take the credit he truly deserves. Special thanks to Cecil Dust and his wife, they do so much in our community. We are happy that he is feeling better. We had an incredible year of service in 2017. Once again, a big thank you to all of 8215 for your dedication and support of our community.